So you would like to start your website. You got everything covered from the template to the pages but are still unsure of what color scheme is attractive enough to increase your engagement. Albeit the color theme can be versatile for any niches if used creatively, your viewers have their own eye candy to be drawn into by the tones and shades alone. It may be easy to create the website, but it is never a smooth process to get the perfect one done overnight. To solve the visual side of the problem, you can either do more research on the best themes to fit your aesthetics or seek help from any website design service Penang for those quick touch ups on your site at the hands of the professionals.

786543 - 5 Themes You Should Choose For Your Website

If you are on a budget and opt for independence, here are 5 best themes you can choose for your website:

  1. Neutral And Monochrome

If you are a fan of beiges and taupes, this set of soil shades can enhance your website into a more neutral side. The color palette incorporates a couple of jewel tones, such as ruby and emerald to add the perkiness on your website. Or, if you want a simpler version, you can go for monochromes of browns and greys. This brownish shade can give you that imaginary vision of going to the coffee shop for a cup of latte and is reflected to the core of your website. 

  1. Dark Colors

Are you an advocate for darkness whether creatively or stylishly? Having a website with a sense of unusual yet mysterious can definitely pique some curiosity through the range combination of purple and blue to bright orange and yellow. The primary colors incorporated in the scheme are cool tones which can accentuate the warmer colors to be out there.

  1. Natural Green

This color palette is another version of monochrome, except it gives you the vibe of going to the forest (or nature, in general). The effects of simplicity yet powerful shades emphasizing the focal point of greens is among the easiest to pull off. This tree-like shade is as simple as it gets, because one shade of a color will almost always work with another shade of the same color, for example, dark brown with light green.

  1. Color Block 

It is recommended to not be heavily dependent on the dominant color alone. You still need that pinch of surprise in a visual sense. Say you use a pink color as your main theme, then you need another element for a certain pop in your website. Using complementary colors like blue can help drawing visitors’ attention and give a rise for your engagement.

  1. Rich Jewel Tone 

Rich colors are just like how the name speaks itself – these color schemes can make your website look rich. Dabble on some sophisticated shades of dark blues, browns and graphite purples and your site is good to go! No need for extreme designs to make your website impactful. 

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