Let us take a look at Apple, at Pepsi, at McDonald’s and even Google. What do they all share in common? 

They are the most recognisable and strongest brands in the world. Immediately, we know that McDonald’s is there by simply seeing the Golden Arches, we immediately know that it is Apple when we see their minimalistic advertising, Pepsi’s logo is easy to spot in the drinks cooler in any convenience store and Google being the most used search engine on the web. 

That is the awesome power branding can have for your company, do you think any of the above company’s would be where they are without branding? 

Sure a large amount of money can be allocated to your branding budget, but that large amount won’t be worth the hoot if you got your strategies all wrong. Strategy is key. ESPECIALLY in branding. Doing your research is key too, along with consistency and timing.

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Below, we will go over some reliable and widely practiced brand strategies that could help the face of your company get more exposure and perhaps, lead to more sales!

Digital Marketing

The internet and social network play a huge influence and part of our day to day lives. So it would be a good idea to look into digital marketing to expand your brand’s online presence. 

Audiences may differ from platform to platform, for example, you’re not going to find a lot of old-school businessmen and women on Instagram, they would mostly be found on sites like LinkedIn. So it is important to select the appropriate platforms as per your targeted audience.

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And different platforms can be suited to different companies too. If you are an art-centric design company, you will feel more at home promoting your products on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and other image based social media platforms. 

Consistency is key to, you need to keep the platforms updated as often as you can. Once people see that your last Facebook post was 10 months ago, they might get the impression that you are no longer active. 

This may be difficult if you are handling other tasks within your company, so it is advisable that you hire someone to assist in your social media needs and postings.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a reliable way to reach out to your audience once enough research has been done on them, In most cases, people that you are trying to appeal to will get selected for an email marketing campaign, meaning that these certain groups of individuals are the ones hearing about you. 

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For example, say you run a Pizza business near a university, it is most likely that students living in that university may order pizza from your establishment, once they have done that, you can perhaps send emails to them about special student discounts.

This form of marketing is also great for publication based businesses like magazines and blogs with a subscription package offered to the audience. Email marketing is a great start in turning a visitor into a full time subscriber.

But of course, you will need to hold your end of the bargain by ensuring that you provide good quality and resourceful content that appeases your subscribers.

Email marketing overall, can be very effective with proper market research and research on your targeted demographics.

Good Web Design

Form, design and functionality are the three things your website needs to get right if you are to go for good web design. In addition to those three, you have to consider colour schemes, slides, layout and actions as well.

Content of your site must be up to standard as well with  proper copywriting to meet the personality of your brand. But overall, the language used for copywriting must inspire the reader to take action as well.

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When it comes to functionality, make sure your site is compatible on all platforms. I’m sure you know the importance the mobile phone has these days, so it would be a shame if your site is not compatible for mobile, you will be losing a good portion of potential visitors which will deal a great blow to your branding efforts. 

These days, it seems that minimalism is the trend of website design. It is simple and easy to navigate for visitors who will appreciate this aspect by staying on your site for longer. Although anyone can learn the art of web design, it might be a bit difficult if you are running a company at the same time, so employ the use of talented web designers who can assist you in making your site beautiful! One such company is Sterrific, you can find them and their branding services over at: https://www.sterrific.com.my/branding/

A Memorable Logo

A Logo is like the heart of the brand, or is it the face? Either way, it is another important aspect of your brand and missing out on an intricate logo for your brand may only make things more difficult for your branding efforts. 

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We know of many famous logos and the brands they belong to, such as the “three-pointed star” for Mercedes, the bitten apple for Apple, the golden arches for McDonald’s. We can look at the logos of these brands as they are without the need of words to tell us who they belong to, and this is the power of a logo.

But good logo designs don’t come in a snap of a finger, and your competition knows this as well. You need to ensure that your logo is one that stands out. And sometimes, doing things that you need to do less for your logo and make it simple. But really there is a whole psychological aspect behind it all, and if we were to get into that right now in this point of the article, we would need more than one post to cover it. You can check out this article here instead.

Audience Research

This one is really important, and really, the most obvious thing to do if you are to launch a successful branding campaign. 

Your customers help greatly in your branding cause, without them your company will be nothing. But this should be plain and obvious.

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But sometimes, improper branding can cause you to preach to the wrong choir, hence all that effort was put to waste. 

Successful brands like L’Oreal and Apple do a lot of research on their customer base. And their success can be taken as a result of this.


And those are some effective branding techniques and practices that you and your company can use to further the word of your brand and get those conversions.