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Omron Corporation is a huge and famous company that is based in Kyoto, Japan. This company is an electronic company that was established by Kazuma Tateishi. Omron focuses on electronic equipment including electronic healthcare products. If you are interested in buying Omron products there are many Omron electronic component agents, dealers, and providers of Omron electronic components in Malaysia. A good thing about this company is it has its own mission and vision. Also, they believe that they will deliver their best excellent service to their customers and the customer will have a good experience. For your information, Omron is one of the best industrial automation Omron cable Malaysia that is quite famous in automation industry Malaysia. Let’s go through what product that is Omron Corporation had created.

  1. Connectors

There are two connectors that Omron Corporation created such as FPC Connectors and PCB Connectors. For your information, FPC Connector means flexible printed cable connector, and PCB Connector means printed circuit board connector. There are 2 products under the FPC connector which are XF2M and XF3M. XF2M has 0.5mm pitch and 2mm height it also has double-sided contact and the important thing it is halogen-free that is good to limit the amount of toxic gas. A similar product is the XF3M that also has double-sided contact and halogen-free but it is 0.5mm-1mm pitch and 2mm in height. Omron Corporation also has PCB connector products such as XC5, XG4, XG8, XJ8-XG8S-XG8T, XM3-L-XM2-L XM4L, and XM7. 

  1. Image sensor

The image sensor is also a famous product that is developed by the Omron Corporation that is under the HVC category which is HVC-P2. It is user-friendly and has a large range also have multiple functions. 

  1. MEMS Sensors

Microelectromechanical systems are also known as MEMS sensor that develops by Omron is 10 product category such as differential pressure sensors, environment sensors, evaluation boards, mass flow sensors, pressure sensors, thermal sensors, velocity flow sensors, and vibration sensors. If you like to know more about Omron products you can click discover more Omron cable Malaysia

  1. Micro Sensing Devices

There is about 8 product category under micro sensing devices and in total it has about 72 products such as EE-SX199, EE-SX1035, EE-SA105/113, EE, SA102, and many more. You can go here to know more on Omron cable Malaysia

  1. Relays

There are products like AC latching relays, DC power relays, general-purpose relays, high-frequency relays, MOSFET relays, PCB automotive relays, PCB solid-state relays, and plug-in automotive relays. There are many best products such as G9TA, G9EJ, G9EJ-1-E, G3VM-series, and many more. You can look up the details for the products at the Omron Corporation website to know more. 

  1. Switches

Switches are a really important component in electronic products and Omron Corporation had developed many switches such as DIP switches, door switches, microswitches sealed, microswitches unsealed, pushbutton switches, rocker switches, push-button switches, rocker switches, tactile switches, and trigger switches. 
Omron Corporation had developed many products so in you are in Malaysia and looking for Omron products you can type “best industrial automation Omron cable Malaysia” on google and the result will give you the automation company that is the dealer or agent for Omron products.

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