For a very contemporary look, but also a powerful insulation of your house, the metal roofing and in particular in steel tank constitutes a good solution. On condition of taking care of the pemasangan bumbung besi and even more to check if it is allowed by the local urban plan.

metal roof - Everything You Need To Know About Metal Or Steel Roofing

To achieve the “fifth facade”, in other words the roof of your house, rather than the traditional tiles or slates, you can opt for a metal roof or a steel tank. Among its strengths, its lightness and durability can be retained. Long used in warehouses and industrial buildings, steel troughs are now used both for the construction and the renovation of house roofs, particularly in self-construction, as well as for garages, annexes, workshops and other garden sheds.

Planning Permission

Before making this choice, you must first check the construction rules in force where your house is located, to find out if the use of this type of roofing material is possible. Some steel deck panels imitate tiles, but your town’s town planning rules may prevent you from opting for this type of roof. Warning: it is better to choose insulated steel pan panels, otherwise you risk having a house that is very difficult to heat and whose sound insulation will be very poor. In short, it is a matter of experienced professional and technical competence.

What Is A Steel Deck Roof

The steel deck is a thin sheet steel panel, ribbed or pleated, which can be used as cover, for roofs therefore, as cladding, for facades. Molded in the shape of a U, the panels (or plates) are designed to fit together to ensure the waterproofing of the roof. They are treated to be stainless.

Varied Looks

In terms of finish, the steel trays can be galvanized, galvanized, lacquered or colored. Some steel deck roofing manufacturers even offer panels imitating tiles or wood! You therefore have an important choice as to the aesthetics of your roof. In addition, its functionality has gradually expanded.