You’ve read these kinds of books anywhere. How to get rich or jobs that can make you rich. Perhaps you’ve also read books like The Intelligent Investor or something more famous like Rich Dad Poor Dad. Even if you don’t read books, you’ve probably been taunted by the site showing you how they made themselves rich. It’s a curious thing to many of us on how those who did, got to where they are although they started at time at a worse circumstance compared to us. So, we would like to discuss several ways the rich made their money that wasn’t handed down to them.

Mark Zuckerberg - How The Rich Made Their Money

First, many of the richest people worked hard to earn their money. They started small such as making a start-up at their own garage and building it from there. Jeff Bezos started his book company Amazon from his Garage and shipped the books himself. Bill Gates made Microsoft, a software that is heavily used till today. These billionaires did not make their penny from sleeping and lazing around all day, instead they worked day in and day out to make their project a success. These people also slept very few hours at a time to make sure they can support their site or themselves during their pioneer years.

Next, some of the rich made their money via trading services like FOREX or the stock market. To win big at stocks and FOREX is a very rare occurrence. Investors admit that out of the 100% who invest, only 30% ever see a proper return on their investments and make enough money for a living. Not everyone is a low spread broker and not everyone got their money from a corporate job. Many of the rich have stated that you don’t get rich by building wealth for someone else, you can only build wealth when you do it for yourself.

  Stock markets are cash cows if you know where to invest. Many companies know where to invest because they have Financial advisors who target the market for them. They do hire people just to ask them where they should invest next. Although it might seem ridiculous to pay someone a few thousand a month to tell where to invest, the returns are always better.

The rich also get their money from real-estate. If you don’t already know, of all the things that are volatile and will lose value, real-estate is not one of them. Besides the housing crisis in the US in 2008, the real-estate market is quite a stable market if you know a good place to buy property. Real estate is not about houses to rent. It’s about literally every single thing you can own that is on a landed property. Malls are real-estate. McDonald’s is not a fast-food chain, it’s a real-estate company. All of these investments allow people to get rich.

Now that, we’ve shared our guide on how people get rich, what do you think? We believe building wealth is to live comfortably and to have financial freedom. Financial freedom is something many of us strive for but never get to. Let’s hope this changes your mind after reading. 

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