Human beings are the most stunning creatures of the Creator who has endowed them with countless qualities. Human beings are complex of a constellation of feelings that are always at war within men. The concept of good and bad also emanate from the very nature of men. There is also a sense of appreciation for beauty in men and therefore this sense is known as aesthetic sense. Those who believe and appreciate the aesthetic sense are of the view that men is always in quest of beauty because his own creation and very instincts are beautiful. Therefore, whenever there is a beauty, be it of nature, the opposing sex, the words, the delicacy of style, the speech or any other form of beauty, men is attracted to such beauty. This attraction, when takes an extreme form or becomes an irresistible force in the human soul, it termed as love by many.

There had been saints and sages who opine that that the most beautiful existence in the universe is that of God. Although nobody has seen God but the analogy of beauty is deduced from the beauty he has created in and around the universe. The vast skies, the stars, the lush green mountains, the snow-clad heights, the infinite seas and oceans and above all the beauty of human wisdom all allude to a Creator who could be the most beautiful existence. Such reflections on the ultimate beauty have led to emergence of philosophies that are interesting and those who have tasted the love for God, has discarded all the worldly love. However, there is another school of thought who believe that to express one’s love for God, one must love his creation. Serving humanity, taking care of the wildlife, plans, oceans and the planet earth would be a testimony of love for the Creator and this is the only way to achieve his happiness and favour.

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There are still others who have limited love to certain sensual pleasures and they think that only intermingling with the opposing sex and having joyous moments, singing songs, drinking wine and spending life the way one wants is love. However, it seems, has as many interpretation as human approaches towards life. In simple terms we regard it the appreciation of beauty and the efforts to preserve beauty is love, be it the appreciation and preservation of your family life, your society, your planet or the universe as a whole. If you are a really appreciators of beauty, we would like to invite your attention towards a form of beauty that leaves lasting impact on the human soul and body. Have you ever thought that what would the life like beneath the water and how the marine life would behave under certain circumstance? Have you ever thought how diverse could be life inside water and gigantic could be the creatures therein? If not, then you must think about scuba diving destinations in Malaysia which offer you the best experiences in this regard. 

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