Malaysia is famously known for its hundreds of islands around the country. There are more islands or what in Malaysian mother tongue translates to ‘pulau’, that have never been explored and discovered. The more exciting thing about this is that there are many inhabitants and populations living in these islands. Malaysia which has the most perfect weather reading is always crowded with both locals and foreign visitors. There are many times that people from different countries, especially those in the colder climate, came to Malaysia to experience its comfortable warm weather. This Southeast Asian country that occupies Malay peninsula as well as Bornean island has a lot of magical rainforests and astonishing beaches all around. The underwater world is absolutely amazing when it comes to the east side of the peninsula. These islands make it super worthy if you wish to go diving and explore marine life. In this article, there will be place recommendations for you to go diving in Malaysia.

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The first most amazing island to visit in Malaysia is Pulau Sipadan or Sipadan Island. Located in Sabah, the island was formed on the volcanic cone with growing and living corals on top of it. It is found that almost 400 water species are classified in the ecosystem of this island. One of the most frequently seen sea creatures is the hawksbill turtle. Its green shell is what makes most divers eager to spot it. Diving in Sipadan is definitely worth it especially when you acquire your diving packages malaysia. There are also other rare creatures that you might encounter with such as the barracudas, bumphead parrotfish and many more. Not only that Sipadan is the perfect destination for diving but the whole state is just touristy. There are many destinations to go after you are done with diving. 


Perhentian island, located in Terengganu state consists of two islands called Perhentian Besar and Kecil. The word ‘Perhentian’ in Malay brings the meaning ‘stopping point’. This can also reflect how people are always stopping by this island due to its magnificent view. Filled with palm trees and super tropical feeling, Perhentian has an impressive underwater view that is just lovely for diving sessions. Hawksbill turtles are one of the famous creatures that are seen while diving. Perhentian used to be a home for turtle conservation but due to extreme rise in turtle poaching, the government has created a post for them to professionally take them under their care. Despite the declining turtles, there are more to it especially the turquoise blue water. 


Another beautiful island in Terengganu is Redang island which is the largest east island in east coast Malaysia. Infamous for its super crystal clear water and white sand, Redang island is another place for turtle hatching. The perfect tropical climate in Redang attracts a lot of visitors, both locals and foreign tourists. Snorkeling and diving are common activities tourists do when arriving here. There is no one who can resist not diving into this beautiful scenery. 

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