To have fun in bed, the presence of a partner is not necessary. In the range of sex shops you can find so many toys for alat bantu seks that the process of complacency can completely replace the sexual act. In addition, there are toys that are almost indistinguishable from the male sex organ both visually and by touch. These are realistic dildos.

What are realistic dildos?

A realistic dildo is a sex toy that copies the male sexual organ in great detail in an erect state. These toys are made from soft materials that quickly adapt to body temperature. To the touch, they are virtually indistinguishable from a real penis. The phalli have raised veins that provide additional stimulation.

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Most of the people who use realistic dildos are single girls. However, if a couple likes to experiment in bed, or a partner has long wanted to try a threesome, then certainly such a device will not be superfluous.

What are the types?

Choosing a dildo is always difficult due to the wide range, in which there are a variety of variations of toys. 

There are several types of realistic dildos:

Rights. This is the most common and universal option. Such dildos can be perfectly straight or very slightly curved, mimicking the physiological shape of the male penis.

Curved. Such dildos add interesting sensations, because due to their shape they affect the G-spot.

With the scrotum. Sex toys with a scrotum can hardly be distinguished from a real penis.

On the suction cup. If the girl plans to use the dildo on her own, the suction cup is essential. The toy can be attached to a smooth surface (at the headboard, tiles in the bathroom, etc.) and get pleasure.

With additional features. Realistic dildos can be equipped with lights, vibration and other functions.

Double and twin. Double dildos have 2 processes, which are designed for simultaneous penetration into the vagina and anus. Twins look like 2 fused limbs and are designed for a single hole.

Bilateral. Such a dildo has a tassel on two sides and is almost twice as long as single-sided models. It can be used by two partners at the same time. Some models are very flexible, therefore suitable for double penetration.

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