With the invention of the internet, business marketing has taken a big revolution. There are many new marketing strategies introduced in the business world after the invention of the world. In this modern era, website development is essential to a company’s success. But developing an engaging and engaging website can be a little tricky as most of us don’t know what features to add. For this reason, many business professionals encourage hiring a specialist to get the job done. Another important thing to consider is writing an “About Me page”. In today’s article, we are going to give you some tips on what to add in “About me page” and where to find the best website design company in Penang to create your own business website to promote business.. Here are our tips for writing a great About Me page:

  • The first and important step is to add a friendly image of your team or a business owner. Adding a friendly image will give a positive impression of your business. Try to include an image that may be relevant to your services or teamwork.
  • Your “Personal Information page” should contain detailed information about your business. For example, your office or shop address, office phone number, and business email. You should also include the services or products your company provides. All of these are important as they help potential customers reach you.
  • Your “Personal Information page” should also include your company history. How did you start your business and what conditions did you encounter during your struggle? What were the things that motivated you to start this business? Or any story about your business.
  • For a killing “About Me Page”, one must have a “Mission Statement” on his “About Me” page. What is your mission and what do you want to achieve shortly? All details should be added to your “About Me Page”.
  • Look for all the potential benefits they can get from any business. So don’t forget to mention what is happening to clients or customers. The services or benefits you will provide to your customers or clients. What are your areas of expertise that might be important to customers?
  • Finally, there should be a call to action button in “About me, your page”. The call-to-action button shows potential customers their detailed information, such as their address, phone number, email address, etc. It is a tool you encourage to provide. Some examples of calls to action include: Call Now, Click Now, Click Here, Click Here for Details, Sign Up Now, Start Trial Now, Add to Cart, Download Now, Free Download, etc.
download 2 - Tips on What to Add in "About Me Page"

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