It is very common to see mothers that are breastfeeding will bring along with their babies too for the trip. But it is never easy for them to travel with babies because they need to make sure the travel is safe for both them and their baby that is still being breastfed. If you are a breastfeeding mother that is planning for your holiday soon, it is necessary for you to prepare certain travel essentials that are very convenient for you when you are travelling with your baby. The most essential travel needs for breastfeeding mothers are: 

1 - Travel Needs For Breastfeeding Mothers


Do not forget to bring along a blanket that will be very helpful for you when you want to breastfeed your baby on the flight. Blankets can offer you privacy while you are breastfeeding your baby. You can breastfeed your baby while you are still in your passenger seat without worrying about accidentally flashing your body parts to other passengers. Not only that, studies have shown that breastfeeding babies on the flight will help their ear pressure to be stabilised. This will ensure that the babies do not have any discomfort due to changes in flight pressure. That is why it is important for you to pack along a breastfeeding blanket so that you can make sure your baby is comfortable enough during the entire trip. 

Comfortable Attires

Make sure you wear proper nursing bras and loose shirts that will not give you any discomfort when you are travelling by flight. This is because mothers that are breastfeeding have a full breast that is heavy most of the time because of the production of breast milk. Wearing a nursing bra is useful when you travel because you can easily unlatch your bra to breastfeed your baby. Besides that, long-distance travelling can cause discomfort for you if you are wearing tight shirts and bras because it puts more pressure on your already tender breasts. 

Child-friendly Airline

Just like how meticulous you were when finding the right apartment to rent, you should also be the same when buying the flight tickets. If you have to take the flight with your baby, you need to make sure that you book your tickets from child-friendly airlines. This is because they provide spaces for you to breastfeed and the environment is more comfortable for babies and children. This will ensure that the entire trip is comfortable enough for both you and your baby with no issues arising mid-air. In addition to that, it will also be beneficial for you because if you were to travel in a normal airline, you might offend some passengers while you breastfeed from your seat because of cultural differences. 

Nipple Cream

Do not forget to pack your nipple cream for your trip. Breastfeeding can cause discomfort and soreness for your nipples. You should get your nipple cream from nipple cream Malaysia so that you can travel without sore nipples caused by breastfeeding during your trip. 

If you are a breastfeeding mother planning to travel soon with your baby in tow, then you need to prepare all these breastfeeding essentials for you and your baby.