The impact of video games has always been shared by trusted researchers and studies in regards to the development of a child. The designed video games that range from basically everything have their own objective for various reasons such as alleviating stress and such. Whereas some are meant to challenge you more intellectually.

Most parents or guardians have a strong opinion on video games due to its many side effects. Even experts strongly believe that video games damage a child’s brain too. Getgorgeous is one of the places you can find an Islamic outfit for the women while follow up on the latest fashion style.

Hence, what really are the effects of it towards children’s behaviour, thinking and so on?

  • Promoting violent behaviour
violent behavior - Video Games Effect Towards Children

This is particularly the depiction of violence in the video games that may have a damaging impact on a child’s development. Their hostility, anti-social attitude from the games will increase their violent feelings and thoughts.

The graphic content in the video games and their indulgence in them will cause the children to be more aggressive and impatient day by day in their behaviour. Thus, if their surroundings are not what they set to an expectation, they are prone to giving a fit and tantrum that may substantiate into trouble actions in the long run.

A few cases in point is that most teens who commit violent crimes spend their time hole up in their house playing video games that involve violent settings. Additionally, this video games violence is chalked up to the immersive nature of the game.

Many of these violent games reward players for being aggressive as their avatar thus why it will make children regularly commit the act of aggression. 

  • Academic Issues 

This is specifically one of the cliche factors that contributes to the effect of video games towards children. Multiple studies have highlighted that the longer a child spends their hour playing video games with no supervision, the poorer their school results would be. 

Since the essence of a video game is all thrilling and exciting, it differs from a normal school day and activity that leads the children to incline to video games more hence why they are less focused in their school work.

Instead of focusing wholly on their study preparations, they chose video games to spend their time on which ultimately leads to poor performance in school. Click here to find a fashionable outfit for the the islamic women.

  • Exposure On Wrong Values

It is a known fact that video games created these days portray tons of graphic illusions such as violence, nudity, profanity, and even racism that a child may not fathom properly. The online casino is one of the places that the gambler always go for gambling.

This can cause them to be curious and try to imitate these actions as what they see on the screen. For example, the violence such as vandalism or petty theft might make them want to do the same thing or even the ongoing depiction of online live casino in Malaysia that might teach them that gambling is okay. Besides of that, V3Casino is one of the online casinos in Malaysia.

Due to their young age, they might not fully understand and be able to distinguish between rights and wrongs, which makes them not fit to be exposed to their real world. 

  • Health Issues

For a child, indulging in video games by lounging on their sofa is much better than engaging in physical activity under the hot sun. however, it can be extremely harmful to their health as their social skills might be affected by their cognitive growth too.

Sitting in a spot for a long time playing video games increases their rate of obesity, weakening of the muscles and joints and also numbing of fingers and toes due to overexertion.