Finding a place to rent never gets easy. Even with the countless help out there, it can be a very intense and stressful process. However, we cannot deny that technology has made it easier for us to get more and more aware of the process. It also taught us how to avoid big mistakes, provide checklists for when renting and improve our communication skills with landlords and real estate agents as well! 

Even with the abundant knowledge available on the internet, we still overlook some important factors. There are some things that people should always look out for when renting their apartment or a house. Whether it is in Petaling Jaya or Semenyih of Malaysia, the rules and factors to look out for remain the same! 

Get To Know Your Location 

What area is your desired apartment or house located in? Whether it is in the urban city or the suburban areas, it is important to get to know your neighborhood and area, well before you make your move. It is crucial to check on the amenities available, the recreational centers, the condition of these centers, any health facilities nearby, how kid-friendly or pet-friendly the neighborhood is, or how easy access it has to the main roads and the highway.

It is also important to check up on what supermarkets and shops are near you before moving in. you would not want to be out of ice cream in the middle of the day and only have to wait three days before you can do your grocery shopping. Grocery should be near you and accessible in the neighborhood! 

Appliances And Furniture 

Appliance and furniture are normally provided by many properties. A dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, cooking stove,  a bed, heating appliances, and fans. These are some of the appliances a landlord must equip your home with unless you are renting out a partially furnished or unfurnished apartment.

The furnished apartment must be equipped with well-managed appliances and furniture that have zero to no defects. You must be given the opportunity to inspect all the furniture for any defects and should be able to ask your landlord for any replacement for defects that the apartment has. 

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Deposit And Other Fees! 

So have you checked how much is the deposit? Before moving in, and before even saying yes or signing a contract, it is important to make clear any pending fees and security deposit amount. The security deposit is normally not more than 1 or 2 months’ worth of rent. Sometimes it may also include a utility bill deposit as well.  

But remember, these are refundable amounts! Your security deposit can only be returned if you finish your tenancy up to the agreed date. It is also important to make sure you protect your rights to the security deposit by including the clause for the deposit to be refunded. 

Sometimes you may even need to pay additional legal fees depending on how long you plan to stay at the petaling jaya apartment for rent. Have you had a proper agreement with the landlord and the agent before signing any contract? You must ensure that you have any legal and financial matters out in the open before signing any papers.