Whether you’re new to Tupperware eating or you’ve had a lunch box behind you for years, the story is always the same. It may be that at first you take it with desire, but after the first weeks of ‘back to school’ not only ideas are scarce, but also the most basic principles of how to eat from a Tupperware without your recipe ending up looking like a stone, your menu does not know to anything or the chocolate bar and the sandwich of the machine become your only consolation. So, for newbies and veterans, here’s a quick refresher on Food storage:

Prospective man is worth two.

And women, too. We know that you like to cook, but although spending the afternoon in the kitchen seems a pleasure to you, we are going to be practical. If every time you go to work you make a serving a little more copious than what you are going to eat, you can keep the rest and have reserves for those days when not even your love for cooking can overcome sleep or the tightness of your schedule. 

When it comes to organizing your weekly menu and thinking about when and how to cook, keep in mind that there are dishes that improve the next day. You can prepare the stews, stews or pickles the day before or a couple of days before, but if what you are going to eat is a salad or fresh products, maybe you should set your alarm a little earlier. Believe me, the view and the palate will thank you for a little early start. Of course, without exaggeration: the batter of the croquettes may not be so firm days later, but if it is your mother’s special recipe, they will taste the same, so why get up early?

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The stones to the field.

And the soles of the shoes. The best tender steaks. For the sake of your teeth, your palate and your mood, if you are going to eat meat choose a juicy and not too thin cut, such as chicken thigh. And avoid the grilled steak. Yes, you have read that correctly. Eating grilled food is very healthy but at home. If you don’t want to end up eating a reheated stone, go for breaded or breaded steaks. They tolerate the microwave much better, and they keep juicier. Another option is to add a good stir-fry or choose preparations with sauces, another safe bet if you do not want to eat a bland stone.

3 in 1.

If the first and second does not suit you, make sure that your unique plate is as complete as possible. Combine farinaceous (pasta, rice, potato or legume), vegetables and proteins (meat, fish, dairy or egg, avoiding being raw). Rice and pasta are especially practical as the base of the main dish, since they hold up very well in the lunch box and are reheated and are very versatile. A pasta and salmon salad or ham rolls stuffed with rice salad. They are a good, or option if you bet on a cold menu. Of course, if you opt for a dish plus a side dish and the garnish that is not part of the recipe itself, try to carry it in a separate Tupperware. There are flavours that combine wonderfully in the mouth but are not very well understood in the same pan.

Imagination to power.

If what you want is to take advantage of the meatballs or steaks that you have left over from dinner, do not eat them exactly the same the next day, or you will have the feeling that your menus are a monotonous loop between the leftovers of the night and the hour of food. You can give leftovers a second life by turning them into a different dish, like a simple rice with minced meat.

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