Technology has advanced in the past few decades, all around the world. Technological developments have been incorporated into all sorts of sectors such as the medical, manufacturing and service sectors. An example of the contribution of technology to sectors would be the creation of hotel self check in kiosk malaysia. A self-check-in kiosk in hotels is a kiosk that allows guests to carry out routine tasks like booking, check-ins, checkouts, and room service requests, simply by using the kiosk that will notify the hotel staff.

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What are the Advantages of Self-Check-in Kiosks in Hotels?

There are seven advantages of self-check-in kiosks at hotels. Firstly, it eliminates the long queues at the check-in counters. Second, it will maintain a standardised check-in procedure. Third, it will help in generating additional revenue for the hotels. Fourth, it will save the guests’ time. Fifth, it will improve the hotel staff’s productivity. Sixth, it will provide convenience to the guest. Seventh, it will increase security. 

Self-check-in kiosks in hotels are able to eliminate the long queues of the guests who would like to check in and check out of the hotels. Without fail, there will be guests who want to check in and check out throughout the day. No matter how many receptionists there are, there still will be queues. The receptionist will need to check through data of registrations for each guest. Whereas, when the guest uses the kiosk to carry out the tasks, it will be quicker as he or she may only have to key in a verification number and complete the tasks. 

Next, the kiosks in hotels will be able to work as standardising the procedures of checking in and out. The kiosks have features and usual questions with answers that are frequently asked. Additionally, using the kiosk, the guest can key in their personal information like emails and names by avoiding misspellings.


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Third, when the guests use the kiosks, the kiosks can provide additional packages that can be added to their original registrations. The guests will be more interested in getting the additional bonus for a bit more spending. 

The fourth added benefit is that it saves the guests time. Instead of waiting for an available employee to assist them, guests can simply complete the check-in independently. The fifth is that self-check-in kiosks can improve the hotel staff’s productivity since they will not only be required to key in the guests’ details in the Property Management System and check them in. The staff instead can focus on delivering unique experiences to your guests. 

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Sixth, the self-check-in kiosks can increase the guest’s convenience. Newer hotel kiosk solutions allow guests to start the check-in process on their own device at home and complete it when they arrive on the property through the kiosk. It will be a simpler task for the guests. Lastly, self-check-in kiosks provide stronger security. Today’s modern hotel kiosks are fully equipped with advanced security technology. For example, facial recognition can recognize the scanned document matches the guest’s face.