A woman’s exterior female genital parts are collectively known as the “vulva.” Some of the labia majora, labia minora, the clitoris, the vaginal vestibule bulb, and Bartholin’s glands are grouped around the vagina (an internal organ).

About an oval-shaped vagina is the labia (lips). The minor labia surround the vagina and are smaller than the major labia. During puberty, pubic hair grows on the outside region of the labia majora. Labia majora and clitoris connect at this point (near the pubic bone).

It’s possible to compare the female clitoris to the male penis in some respects. The clitoris does not play an active part in reproduction, unlike the penis.

To be sexually stimulated, the clitoris is particularly receptive to being touched. A small amount of fluid builds up in certain women’s reproductive organs, making the already sensitive tissue even more receptive.

A woman’s orgasm is triggered when the clitoris is aroused.

For some ladies, penetration alone isn’t enough to trigger an orgasm. Orgasms may be impossible for some ladies unless the clitoris is caressed in a pleasing manner. Female orgasm strength can be increased by stimulating the clitoris in women who can only orgasm through penetration.

According to 37%, orgasms during intercourse require clitoral stimulation, while another 36% said that while clitoral stimulation isn’t needed to have orgasms during intercourse, it does make them more pleasurable. Orgasms can be classified in two ways: clitoral and vaginal. However, we now know that the clitoris is not just an external phenomenon, but also occurs within. When the clitoris, which is much larger than its apparent tip, is stimulated internally through penetration, even vaginal orgasms occur.

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Grab a magic wand toy. It’s said to be the best vibrator for women. Undoubtedly, you may use the typical “wand vibrator” on the “clitoris” without a problem. Compared to a cylindrical model, this one has a larger head, so it will cover more surface area of the clit.

Test out some inside stimulation. There are curved devices that stimulate the G-spot and that can be maneuvered around the clitoris so that it can be stimulated from side to side.”

Vibrate your way through the clitoral region. You might also want to try clitoral stimulation toys. “ When placed directly to the clitoris for intense stimulation, or massaged around the clitoris for a milder experience, it contains a revolving tongue stimulator that mimics oral sexual stimulation.

Don’t be afraid to share your preferences for stimulation if you’re the owner of a clitoris. During a sexual session, there is no shame in making as much contact with your own clit as you desire!

Do not be hesitant to ask your spouse about their wants if you’re dating someone with a clitoris – they may surprise you. You might frame the question in terms of how invested you are in learning about their interests and taking the time to do so – without putting pressure on them to perform.