Many were social butterflies before we hit the pandemic. Some of us were introverts and preferred the indoors even before the lockdown. Nevertheless, we all miss the outside world. 

But do we miss the friendships we had before the lockdown? The constant partying, crowded hangouts, weekly dance sessions with friends, movie dates, and late-night strolls with friends. Sure, we do miss them all. But lockdown has changed the way we approach all sorts of friendships.

Let’s talk about how people have maintained or even lost friends during the lockdown. 

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First of all, the lockdown was a difficult time for all. In terms of financial stability, traveling and social capabilities, we all had it hard. Many felt the loneliness and the effects of isolation on their mental health. But most of us have gotten used to the pandemic lockdowns and have frankly began to accept the idea of living in lockdown. 

As time passed by people became more accepting of the difference in friendships we have in lockdown. Our everyday hangout buddies became so much more distant as we reconnected with friends we have online. Long lost friends started to come back into our lives as online interactions strengthened our bonds. But people we have been hanging out every night and meeting up for coffee? They are starting to become strangers. Our only friendships that lasted during the pandemic were the ones that remained in the digital bubble. As people reached for the phone to call, they called the people they are most comfortable with online rather than the people they hang out with on day to day basis. 

During the lockdown, some people also lost friendships altogether and went back to being in a bubble with just family. This may be because the friendships were not that deep in the first place and people became much more comfortable with spending time on their own. Alone time became a priority and our needs started to get addressed during the lockdown. Many are prime examples of taking alone time during the lockdown, We may have lost friendships in the span of time, but we definitely found ourselves. Reconnecting with our old habits, interests, and talents made us go back to doing things we love and taking care of our mental health. 

Contrary to common belief, your neighborhood friends are not the ones sending you Dr. Clo Covid 19 packages for your protection. We have in fact lost touch with our neighborhood community pals as we battled lockdown. Being in close proximity does not make us friends as much as being digitally connected makes us friends. People connected and even started relationships with those who lived on the other end of the world while distancing themselves from their own community. The power of digitalization stands true during this lockdown. 

While we may have lost touch with many, we miss our day-to-day life. The normalcy we have in social interactions is greatly missed. We miss the social banter, gossips, small chats with our neighbors, and sharing gifts with one another.