Hello students and parents! You need high-speed internet at your home for many purposes. Here’s why:

Why do the students need high-speed internet?

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It is useful for their homework

The education system has upgraded much compared to the old time. The past pandemic situation has shown how much the students need the internet for their education. Teachers are using many puzzles, quizzes for the students to make the learning more fun and informative. They also need it to search for research for their homework or online works, especially the college students. Hence, the students need to use high-speed internet in their homes. In fact, the internet made things easier for them as they do not have to search for big books for their research anymore.    

Students have online classes

The students are studying online and attending online classes. Without the high-speed internet, online classes can get disrupted or will keep on buffering. This may create a disturbance for the student’s learning as the buffering will cause the audio and video to be unclear. Moreover, people who are doing self-studying by paying for online classes will certainly need high-speed internet for a better learning experience. For complete online learning, the internet is the main source for you to complete your studies. Studies that include designs and digital skills majorly need quality internet. 

Group projects need online communication

Regardless of school studies and college studies, the students will occasionally have group projects as part of their coursework marks. Apart from group meetings and discussions at school or college, the students need to communicate among them constantly through group chats on WhatsApp or any other group chats. They also can conduct online meetings to have further discussions about the projects. Moreover, the teachers are also in the group chats to give any immediate notice to the students. Hence, with high-speed internet, the students can benefit in terms of communicating with their classmates and the teachers. 

Some students work from home as an intern or as a part-time

It is a known fact that every student needs to finish their practical or internship period to complete their course. Hence, some companies may follow the Work-from-home way to conduct the internship period for which the students need high-speed internet at home to be productive at their workplace. Moreover, some students prefer to do a part-time job aside from their education to get extra income or experience. The usage of social media accounts and online platforms may be a part of their jobs. The part-time jobs that include digital skills surely need high-speed internet. 

Online presentations and assignment uploads

Presentations are stressful times for students as they have to convey the presentations as they plan and the materials need to be accurate. Online presentations will be much easier and more fun with high-speed internet at your place. Moreover, the assignment uploads are one of the major parts of the course, especially for college students. Say goodbye to the late uploads with the Jom Apply Time fibre 100mbps home broadband in Malaysia. It is both portable and convenient. 

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