So, it’s very important for you to know the various majors in the world before you decide to continue the education you want, it’s better before becoming a freshman you first understand and know the various college majors in the world that can match your skills and abilities.

·        Literature major

Before enrolling as freshmen, you guys need to know about the major in literature. If you appreciate learning a new language, you will also learn other languages’ literature in addition to English, such as French, German, Russian, Javanese, and so forth. Simply decide which literary genre best suits your preferences. In addition, the literary department offers a variety of career paths, including those as translators, journalists, lecturers, and even employees at embassies.

·        Psychology

The second major in this course is Psychology. Psychology is the study of human behavior, mind, and mentality. It’s not uncommon for you to be considered a psychic because you can read and enjoy observing the behavior of the people around you. Well, the job prospects for psychology majors can vary, you can work as HRD, researcher.

·        Doctor/Medical

Students who major in medicine gain knowledge of numerous disorders and treatments for them. In essence, you will study about the many body systems, various ailments, and available therapies while you are a student. You can train to become a general practitioner, pediatrician, obstetrician, dentist, and many other professions in the medical field.

·        International Relations

These various college majors are among the most prestigious majors! In this department, you will learn a lot about relations and interactions between countries, diplomacy, foreign policy, foreign economics, social studies, and others. In the future, students who graduate from International Relations will usually work a lot as officials, lecturers, civil servants, journalists, and even dominate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For those of you who like foreign policy, the IR major can be your first choice!

·        Nutritional Science

This one course is Nutritional Science. Nutrition Science is also quite famous in the science department. For those of you who really like chemistry or biology lessons, Nutrition Science is perfect for you. Nutrition Science studies the relationship between nutrition and health, growth, and the quality of the human body. Nutrition Science also studies economic, social, and cultural issues. If you are a graduate of a Nutrition Science student, of course you will focus on working in the field of dietitian and nutrition, or things related to food production.

·        Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the sixth major. The field of pharmacy is intimately tied to the medical field and other supporting sciences. Students in the pharmacy programme will undoubtedly investigate, identify, and process drug molecules to make ingredients that are safe for human ingestion. Graduate pharmacy students are expected to master the art of producing, blending, recognising, and developing high-quality medications. Pharmacy graduates typically have opportunities to work as pharmacists, chemists, and other related positions. For more Information you can check in this link recognised university for mbbs degree in Malaysia.

·        Business and Management

For those of you who aspire to be successful businesspeople or entrepreneurs? You’ll excel in this management and business training! Because of the promising future career prospects, this college major is always crowded with enthusiasts. You can major in business and management if you’re genuinely interested in learning about finances, business, economics, inflation, entrepreneurship, and other topics. You can also start a profession in a variety of sectors, including investment analysis, accounting, financial planning, taxation, business, and many more.

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