Its chemical formula is NaC6H11O7. A salt of gluconic acid is sodium salt. In this case, it’s E576, and there are many applications for sodium gluconate, including dyeing textiles, printing, and cleaning metal surfaces In addition, it is employed in the cement, alumina dyeing, and plating industries as well as a steel surface cleaning agent. In water, it dissolves easily as a white powder.

Medically speaking, it can restore the body’s acid-alkali equilibrium and normal nerve function. It can be used to prevent and treat low sodium syndrome. As a scale inhibitor, it can be used to stabilise water quality. It can also be utilised in the construction business as a water-reducer and aside from being an effective set retarder and a good plasticiser & water reducer for gypsum, gypsum cement, and cement mortar. These are the various uses of sodium gluconate in Malaysia:-

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Use of sodium gluconate in the food industry (food grade only)

Food additives like sodium gluconate work as stabilisers, sequestrants, and thickeners (E576). As a result, CODEX has allowed its usage in dairy products as well as processed fruit and vegetables as well as herbs and spices, cereals, processed meats and

The pharmaceutical sector uses sodium gluconate fvbrfgssdfc(pharmaceutical grade only)

When used in the medical field, it can help maintain the body’s acid-alkali balance, as well as restore the proper function of the It can be used to prevent and treat low sodium syndrome.

Consumer products that include sodium gluconate

In cosmetics, sodium gluconate is used to generate complexes with metal ions, which can affect the stability and appearance of cosmetic products. In cleansers and shampoos, gluconates are used to improve the lather by capturing the hard-water ions. Other goods that include gluconates include toothpaste, which helps to prevent gingivitis by securing calcium in the mouth.

Use of sodium gluconate in the building industry

A concrete additive, sodium gluconate is widely utilised. These include increased workability, accelerated setting times, lower water content, and improved freeze-thaw resistance, as well as a reduction in bleed-through bleeding, cracking It has been shown that sodium gluconate can delay cement setting by up to 16 hours at a concentration of 0.3 percent depending on the ratio of water to cement, temperature and To preserve the iron bars used in concrete from corroding, it works as a corrosion inhibitor.

It is used in concrete as a water reducer and retarder.

As a single agent, sodium gluconate is commonly employed, but it can also be used in conjunction with other retarders such as carbohydrates. Powdered sodium gluconate is available as a crystalline. Under the right conditions and under strict control standards, it is manufactured with pure and non-corrosive on a chemistry level. In the application, these aspects ensure that the results are trustworthy and reproducible.