In addition to direct breastfeeding, mothers sometimes like to give breast milk that has been expressed or formula milk for babies using a bottle. This is not a problem, but mothers are advised to be careful when choosing a feeding bottle for their children. Make sure you choose a milk bottle with quality materials that are not safe for babies to use.

In 2008, study discovered the presence of polycarbonate plastic in baby bottles, which when heated can form a hazardous chemical known as bisphenol-A (BPA). Since 2011, European countries have prohibited the use of BPA in plastic infant bottles, citing health concerns.

What is BPA?

BPA stands for bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is a chemical widely used since the 1950s. This material is used in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastic is used for food storage containers, such as jars, drinking bottles, and food containers.

Several recent studies have shown that BPA in food packaging can break down and enter the food stored in the package. The Food and Drug Administration says BPA is safe when it enters the body. However, it triggers various health problems in fetuses, infants, and children. These chemicals are also believed to trigger behavioral changes in children.

This BPA chemical will increase when exposed to hot milk. Breast milk contaminated by BPA can harm the baby’s reproductive, nervous and immune systems and interfere with the healthy growth and function of the baby’s organs. In addition, BPA is also associated with various serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and changes in the hormonal system.

However, you also need to know that the BPA content is not only found in baby bottles. Some baby food utensils and containers made of plastic, such as drinking cups, lunch boxes, and toys, may also contain BPA.

So, mothers must be careful in choosing bottles for children!

Criteria for Safe Milk Bottles

Choosing a milk bottle for babies should not be careless for children’s health. However, do not also choose a milk bottle because the price is cheap. Here are some tips to guide mothers when selecting baby feeding bottles.

– Choose BPA Free Milk Bottles

When you want to buy a plastic milk bottle, choose one with a “BPA-free” label. To avoid these chemicals, mothers can also choose milk bottles made of glass or glass to avoid these chemicals. However, be careful when sterilizing because glass bottles are easy to crack and break when heated to high temperatures. It is feared that the glass shards of the bottle could get into the baby’s milk.

– Use Soft Soap

You must also pay attention to the soap used to wash baby bottles. You should choose a mild soap that is safe when mixed with food. Avoid using harsh detergents.

– Change the bottle when it is not suitable for use

Immediately replace baby bottles that are visibly cracked, scratched, or discoloured, as doing so can cause the release of more chemicals.

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