This article mainly reveals the top 5 best broadband packages that are available in Malaysia. The internet is a very important component in our daily routine. From work to entertainment, the internet has been a vital role in our daily routine since it has covered most of our daily activities. Thus, the internet speed is even more crucial when it comes to user and customer experience. A slow internet not only annoys most of the users, it is frustrating for users when they need to perform vital online activities, like transactions, while meeting the demands. In this case, internet providers and the Telecommunication department should take it seriously as based on the report by SpeedTest, the internet speed of Malaysia last year, 2021, ranked 37th for fixed broadbands and 72th for mobile data which is considered on the slow side by user experience.  However, good news for users is that internet providers are offering broadband packages for customers with a great value of price. Feeling excited? Without further ado, let’s jump into the topic and see the top five of the best broadband packages available in Malaysia in 2022. 

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  1. TIME Fibre Home Broadband 1Gbps productnation

First of all, this is a broadband package which is offered by Time Fibre Home. TIME Internet is perhaps one of the greatest residential internet providers available right now. And your entire group will not be irritated by latency with our 1Gbps package. Their fibre internet services are consistently regarded as offering the finest value for money. Indeed, the internet service provider has surprised the Telco sector from the start, delivering internet speeds of up to 1Gbps at costs that many Telco companies cannot match. TIME provides a 1Gbps package for RM199 if you truly need the fastest internet for anything else, notably online gaming. Otherwise, you may choose from their other options, which start at RM99 per month for 100mbps and go up to RM139 per month for 500mbps.

  1. TIME Fibre Home Broadband 500Mbps productnation

Living in a high-rise in the city? Look no farther than TIME’s own 100 percent Fibre internet options, which are designed to give you stable internet speeds. This is the finest value for money and one of the most affordable broadband plans available at this pricing. With 500Mbps internet speed, this package is ideal for HD streaming, conference calls, and multiplayer gaming. Furthermore, it charges a flat rate of 8 cents per minute for calls to any location in the world – that’s a steal! 

  1. unifi Home Fibre Broadband 500mbps + Plus Box productnation

Looking for a stable and high-speed internet service for your home? This fibre broadband service may be just what your property requires, whether you live in a condominium or a landed home. The fact that this unlimited data internet service is easily accessible to the majority of Malaysians contributes to its appeal. Their support centres are widely available, and you get a total of 600 free minutes, with 10 cents per minute costs applied once that number is depleted. Of course, the package includes a Plus Box, which allows you to watch channels and movies, including blockbusters. Internet download speeds are limited to 500mbps, while upload speeds are limited to 100mbps. 

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