Contrary to the popular belief, social media popularity does not have any impact on search rankings. No social media marketing tactic has any ­direct impact on SEO itself.

Let me repeat, there is no direct impact. But of course, we do have the unlikely connection of social media and search engine optimization that does wonders for one another. They both can boost each other like unlikely best friends.

Social media is useful for a lot of things. The activities unraveling on social media benefits a company such that it improves target segmentation, attracting potential customers, improving community building, increasing brand loyalty and awareness, and yes, largely improve and benefit our SEO strategy.

It is important to understand both of these digital marketing elements. Search engine optimization, like social media, are separate entities and tactics of digital marketing that help the business perform better, and improve sales. Realizing the potential of both tactics, understanding the way it works and how it compliments each other can make a huge difference in the results of your overall digital marketing plan.

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How Does Social Media Support SEO

Social media provides visibility. People share, people, talk, and people engage with your brand on social media. When your Pinterest board goes viral, or your Tiktok gets liked million times and shared over various channels it does have a benefit to SEO.

But many wonder how since google specifically does not consider social media as a search ranking factor. Some argue that it is not substantial to believe in the correlation between high social media virality and rankings, even though content with high likes, shares, and comments tends to rank higher on search engines. After all, causation is not a correlation.

Then how does social media support SEO? How does social media indirectly strengthen your SO practices?

First of all, in the SEO world, people are aiming for visibility. Google authorizes how deserving you are of the first page or the second page ranking. But Google does not crawl through your social media and counts these as to make you deserving of your spot. The search engine ranking depends on things that google can crawl through and will index. These include elements like quality backlink factors, On-page factors, Number of visitors, bounce rate, keyword density, search volume, click-through rate and so many more. None of these are factors that social media can provide. But there are ways social media can contribute to these factors by improving social signals, gaining credibility among people, and increasing authenticity.

Social media marketing attracts people. Good highly engaging and quality content attracts them too. When people are attracted, they share. They can share over few times with their family and friends and even possibly link to the website. As the virality of social media posts increases, the number of people who provide quality links to your website also increases.

As your social media content gains virality and the desired credibility, people who are actually interested in your brand will take note of your content more seriously. This means more shares, likes, and comments. And it also means they spend time genuinely reading your articles, going through your blog posts on the website link on your social media, thus increasing the time spend on your website. Google and search engines recognize the bounce rates and the time people spend scrolling through your pages. The metrics related to the on-page content are relevant to search engine rankings. When your content is highly targeted to a specific audience and niche fits the audience, you are bound to attract people who will stick around for your content.

People are also often under the misconception that the things they write on social media, the way they engage with followers on social media has no impact on the SEO. But believe it or not, user interactions on social media do make a slight change to the way Google ranks your content. Are people spending time with your posts? Are they clicking on your website? How do you attract them to your website? Do you use the relevant keywords used in your title and meta description in your social media? Do you build the content around what garners the most attention from your followers? Understanding your followers, interacting with them, and talking to them is important to see what they perceive as important and how their attention gets captured.

So, do you have a perceptive of how SEO is boosted as a result of social media? Social media is one of the greatest tools to engage your targeted audience. An underrated tool, yet one of the most effective tools for your marketing.  It is what improves brand recognition and the number of people who would search for your brand. When people recognize, when they are aware of your reputation, when they constantly see you on social media, they search for you on the search engine as well. Google takes note of how many people search for you, how many visits your websites, how much time people spend there.

SEO practices are vast and can be time consuming but the return on the investment you put in for SEO is invaluable. You can engage with an SEO company Malaysia to develop more insights about what SEO can do for your business. 

Social Media Practises To Improve Your SEO ranking

Keep Posting Quality Content Regularly

The money and time you spend on creating high-quality and engaging content is very worth it. They provide the backlinks that SEO is looking for. They provide the shares, the social signals, the boost in traffic, and improved brand recognition. High-quality content also has to be according to the needs of the followers. Is this something your followers need? Are they interested in this? Will they be engaged by this. Relevant, quality content takes you a long way to meeting the right people who improve your SEO.

Foster Credibility Through Social Media

Credibility and trust are some of the most important factors when it comes to improving your number of shares, likes, and backlinks. You can build trust and credibility by showing authenticity, engaging with your followers on a regular basis, keeping them entertained, and showing genuineness. Ask them relevant questions, and support them the way you would like them to support you.

Making Sure Your Posts Get Shared

Being shared makes all the difference being shared means people are clicking through your website, reading your content, and telling it to the relevant people. To make sure you get shared, you need to improve your ability to build a story for your followers. A compelling story, interesting captions that surround the keywords, relevant posts, and appealing visuals. The right combination of all of these and your user interactions will increase.

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