When everyone is using social media and the internet in getting news every single day but you are still reading the newspaper to read the news. Isn’t it a bit slow? Because of that, there are plenty of reasons for you to use the social media platform because not only you can get the news faster every single day, you also can get a lot of knowledge and new information from it. There are a lot of authority people out there willing to share their knowledge with everyone else. The old folks out there see social media as only a place for the younger to entertain themselves. It is true that most of us use social media as a place for us to entertain ourselves but at the same time, we all use the social media platform to get to know new information and knowledge for free. A lot of old folks overlook this matter. They can get a lot of the latest information about the world using the social media platform. 

We all need to get rid of the skepticism of thinking that social media is something useless and does not give any benefits at all. It all depends on how you use it. Above all that, you can be awarded social media awards Malaysia if you succeed in using your social media platform to the fullest. You also can be listed in the top 10 digital marketing agencies Malaysia and the top 3 web design marketing companies Malaysia if you are one of the successful digital marketers out there. 

If you are wondering what are the benefits and reasons for you to use social media, here it is.

socialm 1024x682 - Why You Should Have A Social Media
  1. Help people building themselves to the fullest

What is meant by building themselves to the fullest? It means you can build up your identity to the society within social media itself. You also can build your business using social media. People nowadays are more focusing on using social media to build themselves rather than go out and make something for it. They still are working in their workplace but social media is a place for them to show to the world their work result. Actually, your social media can be your online portfolio when you want to apply for work.

  1. A place for you to promote yourself

It is quite the same as the first reason but more on promoting your work to the world. You also can use social media as a try and error place before you actually produce your world. People also will recognize your work by your social media. That is why social media is a place for you to promote yourself to the world. Even if you did not get any award for that, you prove to people that they can trust you in making what they want you to do. 

In conclusion, you do not have to be an important person to use social media. You also can be from nothing to everything using social media. You can get a lot of information by doing that. Just remember to use it properly and make something out of it.

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