We live in a world where drilling from the seafloor is the norm. As weird as drilling into our sea sounds, it is an inevitable practice because of our need for oil. Sometimes the land and shallow waters do not provide enough for our oil needs. The ocean seems like the only choice for many large companies. 

We have a lot of use for the oil drilling that is being done around the world. The refrigerators we operate could not be done without the help of gasoline that comes from petroleum reservoirs in the deep dark ocean. Our transportation will be limited, flying and traveling to our favorite destinations will come to an immediate hold. While an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum is not far-fetched, we are still a few years away from making sustainable transitions. 

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Petroleum comes from the very depth of the ocean as a result of the years and years of marine lifecycles that decayed such as planktons, algae, and so on. When the sea bed underneath is layered on, crushed, and buried for millions of years they form petroleum that has hundreds of practical purposes for the human race. The use of petroleum in the ocean has made our lives easier but it also has created one of the more deadly phenomena of the world, which is gas leaks in the ocean. Gas leaks and spills in the ocean as a result of pipeline failures or other welding defects have causes so many environmental impacts. The consequences of pipelines breaking and accidental oil and gas spills piling up the ocean does nothing but toxicity and further worsen our climate change situation. It not only disrupts the marine life but also our own. We use the ocean as a vast resource for so many different things. From getting our food to earning an income and even having entertainment, the ocean has so many benefits for us. However, with the technology of drilling and gas deposits making their way into our beloved ocean, we are at great risk.

There are so many different causes to why there are gas leaks and accidental oil spills happening in the ocean despite the very high technology we use during oil mining. No matter how we wrap our heads around safety, spills and leaks are inevitable. Gas mixes in with water and causes catastrophe for marine life and the human race. However, not all of the spillages and leaks we see are all caused by some ill welding skills or a lack of maintenance. Many around the world including the best marine company in Malaysia take millions of steps to ensure their safety along with others’ safety as well. But something is beyond our control. Such as corrosion of the pipeline that is a result of natural disasters, storms, shipping problems, and unprecedented ground erosion as well. 

There are so many reasons why we should find better energy alternatives and one of the biggest is it minimizes our need for oil mining. Oil mining in the ocean may not come to an end anytime soon but it is time that the world takes better precautions.