Arbitrators have specialized abilities that include professional experience as well as the ability to hear a dispute fairly and impartially and then make a legally enforceable award – the parties are obliged by an arbitrator’s decision. The arbitrator is selected by mutual consent of the opposing parties. They might potentially be chosen by the parties or the arbitral tribunal. An arbitral tribunal is a group of one or even more arbitrators whose job it is to sit down and settle disputes through arbitration. The tribunal may consist of a single arbitrator, two or more arbitrators, and a presiding arbitrator.

arbitral tribunal - Qualities Needed to Become an Arbitrator

The rising popularity of this technique of conflict resolution necessitates the use of skilled arbitrators who can resolve disagreements in a fast and effective manner. Here are the skills needed by someone in order to become an excellent arbitrator:

1.       Communication skills

 Communication skills are very important because it is not only about communication but it also requires comprehension so you will be able to understand the problem and know how to convey it. An excellent arbiter is patient, understanding, adaptable, and a good listener. During the hearing, an arbitrator must provide all sides a fair opportunity to be heard and fully express their concerns and case. Arbitration can only be effective if the arbitrator is patient.

2.       Case management

Having a strong management skill is one criteria that makes you different from other arbitrators. This quality is defined as having adequate knowledge with computers to manage information kept and accessible electronically, such as submissions, papers and other evidence, trial bundles, and transcripts. You should be able to manage time and budget because an arbitration usually takes up to more than a year. It gives a big impact to the efficiency of your work.

3.       Writing skills

Many know that writing skills are important for people who work in the education or communication sector but not many people know that it can be a crucial point for arbitrators. Writing is not just about putting words on papers but having great writing skills means you will be able to convey your points in a professional manner and make sure it is understandable by everyone. You should know how to choose words that you are going to use to make it simple yet precise. Every email and letter you send must be reliable and direct over the course of 12 to 24 months, ending in a well-written and well-substantiated award.

4.       Professionalism

Working as an arbitrator means you will have to be able to differentiate between personal matters and work matters. You must remember that you are aiding and offering legal aid to the parties in the dispute before reaching a final and binding decision. In your work, you should be polite, courteous, and professional. Arbitrator is not a judge, hence the power that you hold will always come from the professionalism that you showed.

5.       Experience or specific expertise

Arbitrators are not a judge, it is not an occupation that requires you to go to university and study about laws. All you need to have to be an excellent arbitrator is by having enough knowledge in that field. In other words, you are an expert on anything related to the case. You should be able to come out with solid evidence and that comes with your knowledge and maturity in that field.