Either you’re moving into a new office space at Tower H (Petaling Jaya), or revamping one that you currently have, making sure that your environment will allow your staff to be productive is critical. A productive employee is a happy employee, and the setting in which your workers work has a significant influence on their attitude. Here are some suggestions for making your workplace more effective, pleasant, and productive.

Make a strategy for gaining easy access to all areas of the workplace.

The most crucial step in repurposing a room is to plan appropriately. An unplanned area might feel cluttered, disorganized, or haphazard. The goal of redesigning a place is to make it the best it can be, and establishing a plan is the best way to do that. Nobody enjoys feeling like a rat trapped in a labyrinth, and nothing adds to that impression like a lengthy, uninterrupted row of furniture. 

If set up incorrectly, even low workstations might give the impression of being “cooped up.” Try arranging the desks or tables in small groups with room on either side if you operate in a large, open office area. It’s a lot simpler to move around the office now, and you won’t feel like a sardine in a can.

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Inquire about your employees’ desires.

Ask your staff what they want to see in the area while you’re still in the planning stages. Finding out what your workers believe will make them happy and therefore more productive is critical if you want to create an environment that will help them do so. Your workers will often have a decent notion of what will and won’t work for them, and allowing them to have input will make them naturally happy once they’re in the area.

Not only that, workers will have better job satisfaction when their executives enable them to set up their own workplaces or pick where they wish to work, according to research. This may be allowing your employees to arrange the furniture in their offices as they see fit, or allowing them to order the sort of furniture they choose; or it could entail providing them with a variety of workplace alternatives around the office building. 

Take into consideration the technological needs.

In 2022, technology will be an integral aspect of any functional and relevant business. Making sure you have enough room for all of your computers, monitors, and security equipment is an important aspect of ensuring that your workplace runs well. To avoid data breaches, make sure your Wi-Fi network is secure. 

Aside from that, before you start unintentionally relocating workstations away from phone jacks that employees use, schedule a meeting with your IT department or head of engineering to discuss the best way to arrange the space so that everyone has access to the equipment they require. Consider things like printer placement, technology storage, proximity to outlets, Wi-Fi routers, and projector and screen space.

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